Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade Review

Do you have problems with sun or light rain during picnics, backyard events or when camping?

Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade Shelter is the solution for you, it provides protections from light rain or sun. Steel frame is made from powder-coated steel and canopy is from heavy duty polyester, that makes a lot of shade for your protection against the weather. One of the best features that Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade Shelter has is the easy set up.

Shelter floor can be converted to a wall when needed, so you can have enough privacy at the beach or while camping. But this is not all, Coleman Shade Shelter has a center height of 57 inches (145 centimeters) so you have plenty of room to do what ever you want. Shade has also UPF 50+ sun protection!

Where and when should i use Coleman Shade Shelter?

The Coleman Shade Shelter is the perfect protection against sun on beach, it has many features like UPF 50+ sun protection and more. But Shade Shelter is not just for sun protections, you can also use it like tent while you camp or set it up for you children, playing in the backyard is much more fun with tent or shelter like this one.

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