All you need for camping – gear checklist!

Photo by Xue Guangjian from Pexels

Camping is the preferred outdoor activity for many. For a memorable experience it is very important to organize the camp appropriately and gather all the requirements without fail. Here is a camping gear checklist for a successful camping experience.



Essential things for camping

 A standard tent.

 Foldable tables and chairs.

 Sleeping accessories like sleeping bag for a perfect night sleep, blankets and pillows.

 Tools like sledge hammer, handsaw, knife, screwdriver, nails and rope.

 Cooking requirements like cooking grill, small sized BBQ, pots, utensils, can opener, knife and cutting board.

 Food items like butter, oil, cereal, canned foods, ready to cook foods, sugar, sausage, bread, eggs, water and milk.

 Clothing like shirts, pants, socks, underwear and towels.

 Items you require for entertainment like play cards, books, equipment for swimming, skiing and fishing.

Things you should not forget

 Torch light. Carry additional bulbs and fully charged batteries for the torchlight.

 First aid kit.

 Personal hygiene needs like paper towels, napkins, toothbrush, toilet paper, bathing soap, water bucket and water carrier.

 Essential medicines depending on your health condition like allergies, skin conditions, stroke etc.

 Make essential bookings.

It is always recommended to make a checklist of things to carry along with you and check them as you start packing things. Double check the baggage after packing to ensure that all things are packed. Do not allow kids to play with the bags after packing to avoid missing any of the items.

If required you can even go for trial run of the adverse conditions you would face to ensure that you have all the essential things. Talk to a friend or family members to find out if you need anything more.

After all the packing is done make note of things included in each of the bags to avoid searching at time of need. Start packing things well ahead to avoid last minute stress and missing of essential items.

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