Why is it important to have good sleeping bag?

Sleeping bag is a blanket like bag that lets you sleep safely and comfortably. It works close to a bed in situations where bed is not available. There are many advantages of sleeping bags like they offer the required warmth, protection from chill winds and precipitation, cushioning effect and even protect you from water whenever it rains.

Good vs bad sleeping bag

To enjoy the benefits of sleeping bag it is essential to purchase a right sleeping bag. A bad sleeping bag would not provide the required cushioning effect and prevents you from having sound night sleep. Poor cushioning also results in back pain and interferes with your activity at day time.

High quality sleeping bags have either synthetic or down filling that generally weigh less, dry up easily and can be stored comfortably. Poor quality bags using cotton filling weigh more and also retain water.

Selecting the right sleeping bag

 Check for the insulation material used. The insulating material should not only keep you warm but should also repel water.

 Check the stitching of the bag. Stitching should be tough enough with both the ends overlapping. Poor stitching can result in tearing of the bag and intrusion of cold air in to the bag making it useless. The zipper of the bag should also be of high quality.

 Ensure that the bag is of lightweight as you will have to carry the bag along with you.

 It should be comfortable to use. Few highly expensive bags may not be comfortable.

 Know the temperature rating of the bag. Generally four temperature ratings are given. Pick up a bag depending on your requirement i.e. weather conditions. While checking for the temperature rating check the gender specificity too as comfort ratings vary for men and women.

 Check the size and shape of the bag. Choose a bag depending on your body measurements and size.

 Lastly, check the price of the bag. Pick up a reasonably priced high quality sleeping bag for comfort and perfect health.

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