TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot Review

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Having a sweet night dream is achievable while camping or engaging in other outdoor activities as most people wish to relax well after the day’s activity. However, for you to achieve this, you need a comfortable bed that will make your outdoor activities worth the while.

The benefit of having a good night’s sleep is that you wake up refreshed and prepared for the day’s adventure.


You don’t have to worry about dealing with the rocks or rough surfaces when Teton Sports Outfitter Camping Cot accompanies you.

Special Features Of Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

 This camping cot is rugged, lightweight, strong, and it has a very simple and quick setup. There is enough space to spread out and chill as the cot is wide and long.

 It comes with five patented steel legs which add stability and also strengthens the cot; thus, making it very easy for the bed to hold as much as 272 kg (600 pounds).

 This Outfitter camping cot can be folded, and it comes with its storage carry bag, thereby making it easy and convenient to store and transport.

 The cot absorbs shock easily because of its rubber brushing, which also gives the cot firm support. The frame of the bed is made of aluminum, and the leg consists of iron.

 The surface of the bed is sturdy, which makes lying on it very comfortable.

 When it is spread out, the dimension is 85 x 40 x 17 inches (216 x 102 x 48 cm), and when it is folded, the dimension is 42 x 12 x 7 inches, (107 x 30 x 18cm).


 Easy to set up
 It is budget-friendly.
 Comfortable and Lightweight
 One can fold it when not in use.
 It comes with a storage carry bag.
 Creative design

Though large, it cannot comfortably take two individuals.
It can be affected by harsh weather conditions.


Outfit XXL camping cot such as hunting, indoor, camping, outdoor use, and many more. This cot makes you worry less about what type of sleep or relaxation you will likely get while outdoor.

It is an outdoor bed, but it can also be used as a guest bed for visitors as it is very comfortable. It should be folded and properly stored when not in use.

To get a great night’s sleep, pair this cot with Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad or Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent. It is wider than a dual bed, and the mattress consists of 6000 Oxford canvas that makes you have sweet dreams while sleeping.

Finally, it has a limited lifetime warranty coupled with excellent customer care support that guarantees your happiness by attending to your needs when necessary.

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